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Information about Migraine

Information about Migraine Hello friends, welcome to Health Ayurved. Today we will talk about migraine, some people understand that t...

Migraine Solution

Information about Migraine

Hello friends, welcome to Health Ayurved. Today we will talk about migraine, some people understand that there is a headache and migraine but it is not at all. Head pain and migraine are different. In people, there are signs of strong light, blind spot, tingling in the hands and feet, nausea, vomiting and light, increased sensitivity of voice. The headache problem ends in a short time after taking the medicine while the pain of migraine lasts from a few hours to several days.

A busy lifestyle is the reason

Migraine patients are increasing worldwide. Our country is also not untouched. The biggest reason for this is believed to be the life of Runaway life. This life is full of stress, and people do not even make much effort to change it. Gradually, all these begin to change in the form of migraine. Headache increases when reached in a stressful environment with the normal condition and blood pressure starts to become high. If you constantly encounter such situations, then you are becoming a victim of migraine.

What is a migraine?

Behind the migraine headaches are the combined causes of enlargement of the blood vessels and the combined secretion of the chemical from the nerve fibres. During a headache, the artery at the very bottom of the skull enlarges. Due to this, a chemical secretion starts, which acts to further irritation, pain and blood vessels.

Some common causes of migraine

Natural or hormonal changes, especially in the case of women, where there is a headache when estrogen hormone levels are low. Women may have headaches at or before the period. Some medications, such as birth control pills or hormone replacement therapy, either increase or decrease headaches.

Migraine Solution

Certain food or beverages, such as beer, red wine, old cheese, chocolate, aspartame, excessive use of caffeine, monosodium glutamate, etc. can cause migraine headaches.

Tension and discomfort

1. Sensitive sensations, such as strong.

2. light, sun-blinded eyes, loud sound, perfume, smell (eg paint thinner and smoke).

3. Sleep-wake up patterns like obstruction - not sleeping, excessive sleeping etc.

4. Physical factors such as physical exhaustion or exertion.

5. Change in weather (extreme heat or cold).

6.  Some medicines can trigger migraine pain.

Symptoms of Migraine

  • Common or acute pain, which may occur on one or both sides of the head.
  • Flushing pain.
  • Increase pain due to physical labour
  • Pain can cause an obstruction in daily activities.
  • Nausea. Which can also cause vomiting.
  • Voice and light sensitivity.

Migraine Home Remedies

Eat 10-12 almonds daily.

Drink a glass of grapefruit juice every morning and evening.

Grind the cauliflower and spread this pest in a cotton cloth and tie it in the forehead, when the pesto starts drying up, then the second pesto will bind.

In the morning and evening put two Blobs in the nose of the desi cow's ghee.

Put a paste of lemon peel in the forehead.
Drink carrot spinach juice together.

Add honey to basil juice and eat before or after meals.

Eat green vegetables and fruits in food.

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