Health Benefits of Asparagus | Shatavari - Male/female reprodcutive tonic

Health Benefits of Shatavari/Asparagus

Health Benefits of Shatavari/Asparagus

Hello friends, Today I will tell you the benefits of asparagus. Friends Shatavar is a very famous herb of Ayurveda. It has also been described in Atharvaveda and Rigveda. It is about giving power to the body and in many medicines of Ayurveda the use of asparagus has long been used. Asparagus contains proteins, vitamin B, vitamin C, fibre, potassium and many anti-oxidants. Its botanical name is Asparagus racemosus. Let's know the benefits of asparagus:

Benefits of Asparagus

Asparagus is considered to be tonic of the uterus. This is great medicine for women. All these problems related to the reproductive system of women such as periods, heavy blooding, pain in periods, infertility problem, repeated problems of abortion, is an effective medicine for all these problems. This heals the hormones imbalance and maintains the uterus's health. If it was eaten by breastfeeding females, then their breast milk amount and quality are also efficient. It enhances sex power and libido in women as well as in men.

Asparagus is very beneficial in periods blooding

Take one teaspoon of asparagus with milk daily and improve the quantity and quality of the sperm. Asparagus removes water retention in our body. Its anti-oxidant flushes out all the toxins of the body. It is also very helpful in weight loss by increasing our metabolism rate. On cold and coughing, it is very beneficial to take asparagus juice or powder by mixing it with sugar candy. It is also very beneficial in dry cough and asthma. It is also very beneficial in dry cough and asthma. Asparagus also contains antipyretic quality. If there is a fever, take a mixture of asparagus and giloy juice together with jaggery, it quickly gets cured.

Asparagus strengthens our digestion system. Consumption of acidity, gas, diarrhoea, indigestion, etc. get rid of problems like this. Asparagus stimulates insulin secretion in our body, which causes blood sugar levels regulating. Therefore, if a diabetes patient consumes it daily, it will be of great benefit. There are also anti-carcinogenic properties. The proteins known as histone are found to be very beneficial in the treatment of cancer. It kills the existing cancer cells in the body and prevents them from becoming new cancer cells. With the use of asparagus, irritation of urine, frequent urination of urine provides relief in all these problems. This makes our urinary system very strong.

Take the fresh root of Asparagus and take out its juice, add an equal quantity of sesame oil and cook it. Applying this oil to migraine or headache will be very useful. Asparagus also has antidepressant quality. It removes depression and stress. It gives peace to the mind and keeps it cool. It also increases brain power and concentration power. Due to the abundance of potassium in asparagus, it also maintains our heart health. Its consumption keeps blood pressure in control and low cholesterol.

Overall immunity also increases with the use of asparagus. Shatavari Asparagus is also beneficial for our skin. Skin scars are fine with their daily intake. It also eliminates the problem of acne and pimples. Asparagus also has anti-ageing properties. By eating it your age decreases and you stay young for a long time. So these were the health benefits of asparagus. Take advantage of the benefits of amazing herbs. Please share with a post on social media sites and with your friends.
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